18 Hybrid Animals That Are Hard To Believe Actually Exist !!

Did you know that there has been a lot of animal experimentation in zoos in various parts of the world? This has since resulted in weird hybrids! Two species with close enough DNAs can come up with offspring that can teach us a lot. You might have already heard of the liger, but it is only one of many hybrids out there. In fact, there are so many possible combinations that it can become confusing. Have you ever wondered what would happen when a tiger and a lion mate? The answer to that is none other than a tigon or a liger, depending on their sex. There are a lot of other bizarre hybrids that you would not find naturally in nature, although there are some that do not require human intervention as well. Are you ready to get up close and personal with them all?

26. Liger

It is pretty basic. You get a liger when a female tiger and a male lion mate! The rather strange combination means that they can grow beyond the typical size of either parent. This makes the liger the biggest feline on the planet. Sadly, the size results in health problems like heart failure as well. That is the reason they do not typically live as long as tigers and lions. Their organs are usually too small for their big bodies.

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